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Blogs Visits!!

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This semester it’s great, I love english class, my favorite unit is the 13 “you can’t miss it” is very interesting.
The classes in the lab is good, I can learn English and of computer too.
The maps, composition writing, dialogues, interviews and others, they are a great tools for learn English.


Paulo Coelho
- Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1947.
- Brazilian lyricist and novelist.
- Has sold over 86 million books in over 150 countries worldwide.

Unit15. Where were you born?

Unit 15. is about your own biography and the other people

Leanny Colina

- Born in Ciudad Ojeda in 1987.
- 2nd semester student at mass media school in Urbe.
- 4th semester student at social work in LUZ.
Practice volleyball.

- I was born in 1987.
- I was my fifteen party in 2002.
- I Graduated from High school in 2003.
- I started the university (LUZ) in 2004.
- I fell in love in 2004.
- I started the university (URBE) in 2006.
- I moved to maracaibo in 2006.
- I got my first job in 2007.

Unit 14. My weekend

Unit 14. Is about common chores and what else do you do on weekend? I learn the simple past and regular verbs.

On Friday Lili called, she invited me to her sister’s graduation party, I needed a dress for the party, so I went to the mall and bought it. The party ended at 3:00am, lili and I danced all night.
On Saturday I slept all morning, in the afternoon I invited some friends to played volleyball and watched TV; mom cooked some hot dog for dinner.
I cleaned my room on Sunday morning, in the afternoon I called my boy friend Marcos we talked very long, in the evening, I went to a restaurant with Marcos. I felt Really well with my boy friend.

What about you? Did you have a good weekend?

Unit13. You can’t miss it.

Unit 13. This unit is about places and things. I love this unit, I learn to the places and directions of things, it’s great.

-Tony’s coffee i son the corner of Alonso Ave and park St, un front of the farmacy.
-Bolivar Park is between Bolivar Ave and Alonso Ave, across front the department store.
-Book Store is on Bolivar Ave, in front of the Movie Theater.
-Post office is on Bolivar Ave, next to the Bank.
-The department Store is on the Park St, between the Bolivar Ave and Alonso Ave, in front of the Bolivar Park.
-The Bank is on Bolivar Ave, next to the post office.
-The Pharmacy is on Park St, across front Tony’s coffee.

¿ How do I get to Bolivar department store? I’m in the book store.

Walk up Alonso Ave to Park St, turn of left on Park St, Bolivar department store is on the left.

and you? what is your address?